Our Team

We are always looking for interesting people that want to collaborate with us. Don't hesitate to reach out if you do as well: leonard@petter-enterprise.de

Leonard Petter

Software Engineer

I love to create new things and to inspire other people to do so as well. 

I am a big enthusiast when it comes to any outdoor sport that involves mountains, be it skiing or climbing... I also like to capture my journeys with my camera and try to be as creative as possible. Reach out to me when you want to connect.

Merle S├Ąger

Freelance Consultant

Curious about change & opportunities, always encouraging to think differently. 

Cooking some vegan meals gives me immediate joy every day and helps me to respect our environment. I enjoy summer the most and love fitness, surfing and sunset evenings. For me, the most freeing momentum is when I travel with a camera in my hand.

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